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A Tangent 
May & June, 2017

For Fringe Arts Bath's Open Art Prize 2017 I was selected to create a site specific drawing on the walls of the space consisting of a trail of mark making. 

The drawing started low down on the panelled wall near the entrance of 44AD artpace, reaching up across the edges of the panel, around the windowsill and to the window, pencil drawing transforming in to faint pen as it reached the glass pane and white acrylic as it cut corners on the floor and reached under the doorway. The drawing taking 18 hours in total.

A Tangent-2.jpg
A Tangent 2.jpg

Taking inspiration from colonies of ants and patterns in nature, the drawing reached it's final destination in the second gallery room with a more condensed cluster of marks.

I felt the piece had a real presence in the gallery, like a crack along the wall from afar - its unexpected nature drawing viewers to inspect. Yet the abstracted line drawing also held a subtlety, hiding itself around corners and requiring a close look to take in the details and spot the pencil marks. The piece utilised the wall panels and window sill, curving and climbing around the space interacting and responding to the architecture of the space.

Creating the piece was an enjoyable experience, the piece intuitively evolving as the journey developed across the gallery and changing mediums as the marks explored different surfaces.

A Tangent was an opportunity to explore my interest in displaying work in alternative ways as well as working with the architecture of the building to create a work that interacted directly with the gallery. I am fascinated by the dedication of time and detail to something that will not last, and the ephemeral quality this adds to a piece of work.

A Tangent-12.jpg
A Tangent.jpg

The temporary drawing was exhibited for just over two weeks, before erasing.

A Tangent May & June, 2017: Classes
A Tangent-4.jpg
A Tangent-20.jpg
A Tangent-18.jpg
A Tangent-2 2.jpg
A Tangent-6.jpg
A Tangent May & June, 2017: Photo Gallery
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