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Faded Garden & Defining Lines
July, 2016

TULIP was a fundraising exhibition at 44AD artspace for Dorothy House which invited donations of tulips from artists, varying from sketches to sculptures. The exhibition included celebrities such as Paul Smith, and Howard Moon from Mighty Boosh.

Faded Garden & Defining Lines July, 2016: Project

Dorothy House is a charity which looks after people towards the end of their life - therefore for this exhibition I decided to look at tulips at the end of theirs. Fascinated by the fragility, yet perseverance of life and the beauty in the dried tulips' lines, creases and faded tones.

Faded Garden & Defining Lines July, 2016: Project

Having kept all the dried flowers from Floating Garden in the hope of recycling them I was overjoyed by this perfect opportunity to re-use the tulips from my previous installation. I played around with the different elements of the Tulip and found myself fascinated by the lines in their petals in beautiful yellow and purple hues. I painted Defining Lines in watercolours and incorporated petals from the tulips, pressing these in to the frame.

Faded Garden & Defining Lines July, 2016: Project

I also created a hung installation titled Faded Garden in the window of the gallery, suspending the dried tulips, their petals and leaves alongside detailed paintings on the window's surface. The paintings echoing and abstracting the shapes and details of the hanging tulips.

Faded Garden_-2.jpg
Faded Garden & Defining Lines July, 2016: Project
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