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Forest of Imagination
October 2018

For Forest of Imagination 2018 I ran a workshop inviting all ages to add to a giant miniature forest.

Providing sticks, a variety of papers and found materials I invited children and adults to get imaginative.

The growing forest included all sorts of additions from creative minds, from campfires to swings amongst the striking collection of exotic trees.

Forest of Imagination October, 2018: Project

Created by landscape architect Grant Associates and arts charity 5x5x5=creativity (now names House of Imagination), Forest of Imagination is an award winning pop-up contemporary arts festival.

Forest of Imagination works with creative local businesses, schools and a variety of local and international artists. Each year the event transforms a part of Bath into an imagined, landscape for all to explore and enjoy over a magical weekend of creativity and fun. Find out more at

Forest of Imagination October, 2018: Project
Forest of Imagination October, 2018: Pro Gallery
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