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December, 2016

A site specific window painting at 44AD artspace for their annual Christmas Exhibition. The line drawing in white acrylic paint inspired by frost found on windows.

Frost  December, 2016: Project

I love exploring across different surfaces to create both permanent and temporary pieces. The temporary works in particular tie in to my interest in the fragility of everything, impermanence so present in both the man made and natural world. Our own lives full of moments, situations and thoughts which are unavoidably fleeting. The coming to terms with the temporary therefore feels like an essential element to being human. The temporary works not becoming less precious for their limited life span but in some ways more so.

Sophie Erin Cooper-3.jpg
Frost  December, 2016: Project
Frost - image - Sophie Erin Cooper-11_ed

For 44AD's annual Christmas Exhibition - Deck the Walls - I decided to create a window painting inspired by frost. White acrylic painted across the window panes visible inside the gallery but also to passers by outside.

Frost  December, 2016: Project

One element I really enjoy about creating site specific works is allowing the environment to influence decision making and the composition of a piece. The creation of Frost was very intuitive, interacting with the layout of the window panes and the #love44AD vinyl on the windows.

Frost - Sophie Erin Cooper-5.jpg
Frost  December, 2016: Project
Frost - Sophie Erin Cooper_edited_edited

Deck the Walls exhibition ran from 8th-23rd December 2016, however part of the window painting was kept for 2 years.

Frost  December, 2016: Project
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