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CV: Resume


2010 - 2013

Fine Art Bachelor of Arts with Honours

​Bath Spa University 

2009 - 2010

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
Hereford College of Arts



Control Room Residency - Bristol Council

21st - 28th Oct

FLASH Residency - 44AD artspace, Bath

Funded by B&NES Council

17th Jul - 13th Sep 


Gallery Residency - Bath Artists'Studios 

1st Jul - 17th Aug


 Nature to Nurture in collaboration with Ubiety  Always Sunday Store, Broad Street, Bath   24th-26th Apr
             The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library NY   (permanent collection)
             Marks of time   Halsway Manor, National Centre for Folk Arts   (permanent collection)                

             The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library NY   (permanent collection)
             C: Curiousity (A-Z Exhibition Online)  44AD Online  8th Oct

             Visions of Science  Andrew Brownsword Gallery, The Edge   Online  Jun - Jul                

             Window Drawing  Cascara Cafe    
             Photomarathon   Fringe Arts Bath Online  22nd May - 7th Jun

             Marks of time   Halsway Manor, National Centre for Folk Arts   (permanent collection)               


             Deck the Walls  44AD artspace   18th - 23rd Dec
             Window Drawing  Cascara Cafe  8th Oct - present

             Size Matters   Fringe Arts Bath   24th May - 7th Jun

             Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize   Drawing Projects UK, Trowbridge   2nd Mar - 26th Apr

             Marks of time   Halsway Manor, National Centre for Folk Arts   9th Mar (permanent collection)

             Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize   The Royal Drawing School, London   4th - 21st Feb

             Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize   TheGallery at AUB, Bournmouth   22nd Nov - 17th Jan


             Deck the Walls  44AD artspace   14th - 23rd Dec

             Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize   Trinity Buoy Wharf, London   24th Sep - 10th Oct
             Visions of Science   Andrew Brownsword Gallery, The Edge  15th Sep - 13th Oct

             live   Fringe Arts Bath, Walcot Chapel   25th May - 10th Jun
             This Temporary Matter   Fringe Arts Bath   25th May - 10th Jun
             48 hours notice (RESOLUTION)   44AD artspace, Bath   7th - 12th Jan


             Deck the Walls    44AD artspace, Bath    15th December - 23rd Dec

             20 Years Of This...    The Roper Gallery, Bath Artists' Studios   22nd - 24th Sep

             Studio    44AD artspace, Bath   30th Aug - 3rd Sep

             'Law of Identity' Eighthwonder Summer Show    44AD artspace, Bath   3rd - 13th Aug
             Find Another Bath    Royal United Hospital, Bath   31st March - 13th Jul
             44AD Collaboration Booth    Creative Bath Summer Party, Queen Square, Bath   8th Jun
             The Obsessive Compulsive Practice    Fringe Arts Bath   26th May - 11th Jun      
             Bath Open Art Prize    44AD for Fringe Arts Bath @ 44AD artspace   25th May - 11th Jun
   Fringe Arts Bath   25th May - 10th Jun                        
             Larkhall Open Studios Exhibition    Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath   29th - 30th Apr
             BWF Art Exhibition    Andrew Lamont Gallery, Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon   3rd - 29th Mar
             ART+TEXT   44AD artspace, Bath   21st - 26th Feb


             Deck the Walls    44AD artspace, Bath   8th - 23rd Dec

             Find Another Bath    44AD artspace, Bath   15th - 20th Nov

             'Where is your humanity?' Eighthwonder Summer Show    44AD artspace, Bath   4th - 14th Aug

             TULIP: A fundraising exhibition for Dorothy House    44AD artspace, Bath   7th - 16th Jul

             Minimalism in Architectural Spaces    Fringe Arts Bath   27th May - 12th Jun
             utopia:dystopia in the world    Fringe Arts Bath, Walcot Chapel   27th May - 12th Jun

             Your Privacy Has Been Deleted    Online Exhibition   11th - 23rd Apr

             BWF Art Exhibition    Andrew Lamont Gallery, Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon    4th Mar - 4th Apr

             Ideas on Freedom    Gallery 2, The Edge, University of Bath    8th Feb - 9th Apr


             Deck the Walls    44AD artspace, Bath    10th - 23rd Dec
             Bare   Christmas Steps Gallery, Bristol    19th Nov- 24th Dec

             ON PHOTOcopy / Displacement    44AD artspace, Bath    30th Oct - 15th Nov

             A Fleeting Moment Site specific installation    The Control Room, Bristol    21st - 28th Oct

             t r a c e s - Drifting, Fading, Running Away Solo Show    44AD Basement Gallery    2nd-16th Sep

             t r a c e s Solo Show    44AD artspace, Bath    2nd - 6th Sep

             Open Art Exhibition    Oriel CRiC Gallery, Crickhowell    22nd May - 13th Jul

             Art Corner    Fringe Arts Bath Outdoor Gallery for Bath Boules, Queen Square, Bath    19th - 21st Jun

             Hide and Seek    Fringe Arts Bath    22nd May - 7th Jun

            Photomarathon   Fringe Arts Bath   22nd May - 7th Jun                       

             BWF Art Exhibition    The Muse, Brecon    6th - 22nd Mar


              Deck the Walls    44AD Artspace, Bath    10th - 24th Dec

              EighthWonder Summer Show    44AD Artspace, Bath    8th - 23rd Aug

              Drawing Breath Solo Show    Bath Artists' Studios Gallery   8th - 17th Aug

              The Nature Of     Bath Artists' Studios Gallery    11th - 14th Jul 

              Forest of Imagination Live Drawing    Bath School of Art and Design    10th Jul

              Tall Tales    Fringe Arts Bath    23rd May - 8th Jun

              BWF Art Exhibition    Andrew Lamont Gallery, Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon    7th March - 6th Apr


              EighthWonder Summer Show    44AD Artspace, Bath    8th - 23rd Aug

              The World Did Not End    Free Range, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London    4th - 8th Jul

              Fine Art BA(Hons) Degree Show    Bath School of Art and Design    7th - 16th Jun

              Living Numbers    Fringe Arts Bath    24th May - 9th Jun

              Archival    Walcot Chapel, Bath    5th - 10th Feb

              Deck the Walls    44AD Artspace, Bath    18th December - 6th Jan


              Fine Art BA (Hons) Second Year Show    Bath Spa University    16th May

              Void    Dartmouth Avenue, Bath    6th - 8th Mar

              Other Worlds    Milsom Place, Bath    21st -26th Feb

CV: Projects



                utopia:dystopia   co-curated with Geoff Dunlop, Fringe Arts Bath  Walcot Chapel     2nd - 6th September


             t r a c e s     Solo Exhibition     44AD artspace, Bath     2nd - 6th September

               Hide and Seek     Fringe Arts Bath    22nd May - 7th June Hide and Seek Website


               Drawing Breath    Solo Exhibition    Bath Artists' Studios    8th - 17th Aug

               The Nature Of    Forest of Imagination    Bath Artists' Studios    11th - 14th Jul

               Tall Tales Exhibition    Fringe Arts Bath    23rd May - 8th Jun


               Other Worlds    Milsom Place, Bath    21st - 26th Feb

Collaborations and Projects:

2021              Floral Alkimi logo illustration
                      Oleeva Records: 3 S

              Marks of Time project, Halsway Manor, National Centre for Folk Arts

              Oleeva Records : Baaba Maal - Gorel (Idean & Nasser Jam Tan Rework)             

              Oleeva Records : Cymande - Dove (Kotu Departure Rework)

              Oleeva Records : Daniel van der Zwaag

              Find Another Bath Project
              Forest of Imagination - Nature inspired cut-out book Workshop 
              Floating Garden Project 


              Presentation of my practice to GCSE students at St Laurence School, Bradford on Avon

              Life Drawing On Trains for Bristol & Bath Art Weekender

              FLASH Residency talks and workshops


               Jellyfish 'On the High Seas' Lantern for The Holburne's Lantern Procession

               'Take a Line for a walk' Assistant for Bath Artists' Studios Big Draw Event

               Live Drawing for Forest of Imagination Launch at Bath School of Art and Design


               Of The Sea with Lloyd Evans Designs for Swansea Metropolitan University

CV: Resume


               Aetla Magazine, Issue 01
Pseudonym Magazine, Issue 05

               Fragility and Impermanence, Interalia Magazine


               Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2018 Catalogue

               Find Another Bath Book 

               Hide and Seek Digital Issu 
               Fringe Arts Bath 2015 Newspaper
               Fringe Arts Bath 2014 Newspaper

               Brecon Beacons Tourism's Blog

               The World Did Not End Catalogue

               Thunk Magazine issue 01 

               Thunk Magazine Online 

               Agenda 001

CV: Resume

Contact Me

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. If you'd like to know more about a project, or get in touch about one you have in mind, I'd love to hear from you.

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