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Wildflower Collection

Wildflower Collection: About Us

Artwork inspired
by nature

The Wildflower Collection includes a limited edition vegan silk scarf and miniature artworks. 

The collection has been created during 2020, an unexpected year when so many have had to pause and slow down. In doing so I have reconnected with the natural world around me - on my doorstep and my quiet rural travels. Creating the miniature artworks has become quite a therapeutic practice.

These works are full of dreamt up details, inspired by foliage in my wild garden, dried flowers in my home or plants on my walks. I think of the miniature artworks as pocket-size gardens - as if they're little places themselves to find a moment of beauty and calm in your home.

Wildflower Collection: About Us
Wildflower Scarf -  Sophie Erin-1326.jpg

Wildflower Scarf

The collection features a limited edition floaty scarf.

This dreamy and delicate wearable art combines minimalism and detail with a trail of hand-drawn wildflowers and foliage digitally printed with eco inks.

Drawn at my kitchen table in Bath UK, the pathway of flora is inspired by leaves from my garden (you may spot some sprigs of rosemary) and others dreamt up. Each scarf is printed and sewn by specialists in the UK in a light vegan georgette silk. The soft snowy white fabric reveals the design on both sides, the back in a muted dreamy grey.

Wildflower Collection: About Us
Wildflower Collection: Product Slider
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Wildflower Collection: Image
Wildflower Collection: Text
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