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Years of Autumn Collection

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Years of Autumn

A collection for the years that pass so quickly, we blink and there is blossom on the trees, we turn away for a second and the night sky has runaway to so late into the evening our days feel gloriously slower, we skip and spin so fast we find ourselves tumbling into piles of leaves, lying there, staring up at the leaves still holding on but dancing in the wind, ready to drop with just the right breeze. Crisp, but somehow cosy, we close our eyes for a moment and the trees are line drawings and the year has gone.

Years of autumn is the beginning of a collection to be added to each year.

sophie erin-0315.jpg

A collection which celebrates leaves, something so every day and ordinary. Yet each year autumn reminds us to notice. To look up. To look down. These intricate and beautiful shapes wherever we go. In our garden, on the bushes we walk past and the trees we sit under. Renewing and surrounding us year on year.


Pieces in the Collection

Original artworks available to purchase, treasure and keep; bringing little moments of delight into your home.